Woods Field 

Upper Staging Area    A BATTLEWAGON staging trailer is located in the middle
    of the playing field inside a netted enclosure, where
    eliminated players can take off their goggles and watch
    the action as they wait to rejoin the game. High pressure
    fill stations are located at both of the staging areas.

       Authentic Equipment...      
               Unsurpassed Realism...


Everything you need is included in the packages we provide. Top equipment in new condition, with goggles, jerseys, ammo pods and pouches so you can take extra paintballs on field during the games. Custom games have been developed that are uniquely tailored for our woods field. We can also provide catered meals for groups who schedule outings at our woods field. We have organized national paintball events all over the country, and we can deliver a perfect outing for your group.

.68 Caliber Scenario Woodsball

Paintball woodsball and scenario play at Paintball-XS in northeast Tennessee. Using top quality equipment including Tippmann X-7 paintball markers. Paintball-XS features several exceptional outdoor fields, including a thick field called "CAMBODIA" which offers special opportunities for concealment and ambush. This field is perfect for mini-scenarios similar to "Blackhawk Down".

We can add any degree of realism to your games. There is no charge for many of the short scenarios we use in games. We can also design a custom role-playing scenario for your group (ask for quote).

Some scenarios utilize sophisticated props and specialSpecial weapons may be utilized in custom scenario games weapons.  A good scenario can inject a higher level of adrenalin into the game. However, it may also require additional support staff and we usually open up a larger portion of the field, so games can take longer.

What to Wear at Woods Field

Long sleeve shirts and full length pants should be worn when you play in the woods, and Paintball-XS is a wild woods. Depending on the size of your group, or the type of games you play, you may encounter briars, poison ivy, and many species of wildlife. Wear tennis shoes or boots that are comfortable to run in.