Group Rates ______________


We accept reservations for private groups of 10 or more players at the arena field, or 20 or more at the woods field.  Each group is guaranteed privacy, with exclusive use of the woods or arena fields including the party house (at arena field) during their reserved time. Parties at the arena field will also get free use of all of the facilities including the giant propane grill, pool table, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, serving equipment, and giant fire pit.

Paintball Party Costs
NOTE: The Arena Field and the Woods field are located about nine miles apart and must be rented separately

  • ARENA FIELD: $50 Party Fee for use of facilities
            Includes free use of Party Hall

  • WOODS FIELD: $100 Party Fee for use of facilities

  • Basic Player Fee: $30 each for paintball players
            Minimum 10 players at Arena Field
            Minimum 20 players at Woods Field

  • No charge for spectator party guests

  • Sales tax will be added unless we have a tax
     exemption certificate on file for your group.

Basic Player Fee includes 200 free paintballs, paintball gun, goggles, and deluxe breathable athletic jersey. Your group will have exclusive use of the Party Facilities for three hours, and the initial supply of 200 paintballs should allow for about 90 minutes of on-field play time. Additional paintballs should be ordered if you wish to play for more than 90 minutes There is no charge for extra people in your party who do not wish to play paintball. Up to 50 people total can attend your private party with no additional charge. Your group will have exclusive use of the party facility for 3 hours. Large groups (at least 20 players) may reserve the facility for up to 5 hours at no additional charge.

Can we Bring our own Paintball Guns?

We furnish everything, including the paintball guns. If anyone in your group wants to bring their own paintball guns, please explain to them these are special games, and our insurance requires that we furnish all of the paintball guns (markers) in order to guarantee that everyone has a safe experience. The markers must have the same firepower, and all of the markers are placed in secure racks between games, outside of reach.  No markers are permitted in the staging or party areas. We chronograph every marker and set the velocity for whatever impact level you have requested, We provide everything, so you will have more time afield.

How we Run the Games Low Impact Paintball games

  .50 caliber Paintball markers are passed out to players
   as  they enter the playing field. The markers are taken
   from players as they exit the playing field.
   More paintballs are added to the markers between
   games, and players are not permitted to walk around
   the staging area with their paintball guns.