Planning your Party

Many of our private groups are organized by parents for childrens' birthday parties, and many of the paintball players in these groups are young and apprehensive... as are the parents and adult players. Parents often participate in the games with the youngsters, and have an amazingly good time. Whatever your group size or age, we can help you select from our options. Whenever you want more information or are ready to make a reservation, please call us at 423-538-1100 You can look at party costs on our RATES PAGE.

Things to Think About

  • Will your group want Low, Medium, or HIGH Impact games?

  • What is the minimum age (age of youngest player in your group)? If any player is under age ten, you need to play Low Impact Paintball.

  • What type of equipment would you prefer?

  • We furnish everything including the guns.

  • Which field would you prefer (Woods field, or Arena Field and Party Hall)?

  • How many players will you have? Minimum number of 10 required at Arena Field. Minimum number of 20 at Woods Field.

  • Spectators and other non-players in your party group are welcome at no charge. This includes  people who you invite to our party hall, if you have games booked at the Arena Field.

Unless you are certain that all of the players in your group are comfortable being hit with high impact paintballs, you need to clear game details in advance, or you may want to opt for low impact games.


Types of Games  
   What is LOW IMPACT Paintball?

Paintball players who are new to the game are sometimes intimidated by high intensity sporting contests.  Some pa...rents discourage their children's requests for paintball birthday parties because of the visual impact of paintball games they observe at their local field or on TV. It is normal for parents of minority age participants to be apprehensive prior to that first game.

Your private group can enjoy LOW IMPACT paintball games under our strict supervision.

Low Impact Paintball Guns

Specific paintball guns, game organization, and safety protocol slows down the game and limits the shooting proximity, in order to maximize the enjoyment for inexperienced players as young as 6 years old. These games are also ideal for corporate groups and first-timers.

What is HIGH IMPACT Paintball?

High energy tournament paintball, as seen on TV, involves a high degree of athleticism and player experience to be successful. It may also involve an amazing level of firepower (high rate of fire and large paintballs) which may result in serious welts on the game participants. Bruises can be "badges of honor" to some players, but to new recreational paintballers, a withering stream of .68 caliber paintballs coming in at 20+ balls per second can be intimidating and painful. Although we have the equipment and experience to organize such tournament sport, we also offer recreational paintball games that are more authentic portrayals of outdoor adventure and combat simulation. We always make sure that all of the players in your game are using paintball guns with comparable firepower. GoG eNMEy tournament paintball guns are the standard .68 caliber rentals we use for high impact games at our field. Your group will probably have more fun when the skill levels and equipment are fairly balanced on teams.

Combat Simulation

Conventional tournament style paintball is not your only option. We have pioneered the use of special low impact paintball equipment, including the new combat simulator guns that are popular for force-on-force training. We also have low impact paintball guns in tournament style as well as Mil-Sim authentic military style.

We make it EASY

We enjoy working with party planners and corporate event coordinators to organize an outing that meets your needs and budget. We promise a quality experience with wonderful lasting memories. Call us at 423-538-1100 to secure your reservation.