Arena Field

Arena FieldArena field has 36 bunkers... up to 24 players on field at a time.
Large groups of up to 96 players on 8 teams in a private tournament.

Speedball, bunkerball, and FREE PARTY HALL.  Perfect for birthdays or bachelor parties. Private groups of 10 or more players are welcome. Ultra convenient with large indoor and outdoor picnic areas as well as grills and a giant fire pit. Easy to jump inside if it rains, and fully equipped for you to prepare and serve your own food for your group. Our lighted arena paintball field is located directly alongside the party hall at our main location near the Bristol Motor Speedway in Northeast Tennessee.

 Arena Field             Activities at the Arena Field and Party Hall 


How we Run Games
at the Arena Field

After the pre-game safety briefing, teams are selected and equipment issued. Goggle systems are individually fitted to the players, as head sizes and shapes vary greatly, especially with younger players. Field Entrance

Staging room overlooks playing field thru protective netting

Numbered paintball guns are handed out when the players walk onto the playing field. For your convenience and safety, we service all of your equipment between games.

Players hold onto their own goggles, but their numbered paintball guns are collected as they
     Staging room alongside party hallPlayer Staging Room       exit the playing field and enter the staging room. All guns are inspected and cleaned. Ball hoppers are checked for broken balls, and
additional paintballs are added for the next game. Propellant gas is also added as needed. When the equipment is serviced and loaded with paintballs, it is ready to be handed out to the proper player as they walk out to their next game. All paintballs that are not shot by a player during a game will remain in the gun hopper when new paintballs are added.

A fixed number of paintballs are added to each player's paintball gun hopper before every game. Our basic player fee of $30 includes 200 paintballs, which are normally delivered to players 50 at a time. Additional paintballs may be purchased in advance, but inexperienced players will get plenty of action with this paint allowance. Our normal schedule for small groups allows four games for each player, with an additional special "re-spawn" game for each player to shoot all of their remaining paintballs. Players will all get to play at least five games.